Patriots to open season that won’t happen on Monday Night Football

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the NFL has released the 2011 schedule for the upcoming season. This leads me to believe that there will be a season. There has to be a season. Are we going to have to watch the AFL? Or god help me, the Canadian Football League? No thank you, I’d rather eat my own hat. I mean does the Spirit Halloween costume superstore put out costumes if there isn’t going to be a Halloween? No, No they don’t.

The Pats are to play the clowns of the sea, the Miami Dolphins on September the 12th in Miami. The Patriots destroyed the Dolphins in week 4 on Monday Night Football last season with a score of 41-14. Patrick Chung put on a special teams showcase blocking 2 kicks, and topping it off with an interception return for a TD. Tom Brady also clinched his 100th win in the contest. Then again in week 17 the Patriots made the Dolphins eat their lunch with a 38-7 victory even without all of their starters in the lineup. Basically the Patriots have owned the Dolphins so bring on those bottle-nose losers. We’ll be ready for them.

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