Patriots want first round QB in draft?

The New England Patriots are trying out Washington’s quarterback Jake Locker as a potential first round draft choice for the 2011 NFL Draft. Ok, so this is not really breaking news but still shows that the Pats are looking to the future. Brady will be 34 years old and only has a few good years left, lets be serious. So is this the yea that the Pats find the next Tom Brady?

Chances are they will never draft another guy like Tom Terrific. Everyone has heard the stories of Brady’s work ethic and all the “intangibles” he has. There aren’t many players like Tom out there thats is for certain. But is this kid the one? Is Locker the one who will try and recapture another run at a Patriots dynasty? I dont know, probably not. We will most likely go through 5 to 10 quarterbacks before we ever get back to where we were with Brady. But, and this is a big but, what if this kid is the one? What if Locker is tutored by Brady for the next few years while the Patriots continue to build their defense through free agency and drafts. What if this turns into an Aaron Rodgers-Brett Favre situation. Granted Favre was a giant douche to Rodgers, but still, being under Brett’s tutelage, Rodgers learned the ways of an NFL QB and brought his ring home to Green Bay (there ya go Mr. Bones)

It is not completely unrealistic here people. The Patriots will continue to stockpile number 1 draft picks and add them to their young, emerging defense. Once the defense is back to where it should be, Belichick can focus more on Locker’s strengths and weaknesses and bring a Lombardi trophy back home.
Guarantee we dont even draft this kid….

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