Top 10 Countdown: Unnecessarily Absurd Baseball Cards. Part 2

5. Ricky Ledee

We continue our countdown with the presentation of quite possibly the most boy band-eque baseball card on the face of the earth, and it belongs to Ricky Ledee. Ledee was apart of the Yankees championship runs in both 98 and 99, and although he contributed to my squad taking home the hardware those years, there is no defending a picture such as this. What exactly was the photographer trying to capture with this pose? “Ok Rick, now I want you to give me your best Bill Cosby Kids Say The Darnist Things Pose, and I want to feel the emotion.” Regardless, even though you’ll never make it to the hall Rick, at least you made it to The Jam.


4. Lee Tunnel
Judging by the photo, it looks like Lee was really into train sets while growing up as a kid. It also appears that he was really into the movie “Tron” when it hit the masses. Nevertheless, Lee offers both of those traits, and a killer mustache/glasses combo that would make any batter quiver at even thinking of facing this guys stuff at the plate.
3. Rodney Craig
I don’t know if its just coincidence, but I feel that Rodney somehow planned to not show his eyes in this pic in order to keep his identity as low key as possible. He currently owns the shortest wikipedia page on the Internet and trying to find information about Ron Ron is like trying to find OJ’s other missing glove. Really is a shame, the kid looked like he had a promising career ahead of him.
2. Sammy Sosa
We all remember Sosa for his heated homerun battle with Mark McGwire in which the two of them were neck and neck for the roundtrip title. But what isn’t really known is that at one point Sammy actually had a normally proportioned sized body like the rest of the human race. Regardless, this card just oozes with ridiculousness.
On a side note, I was out a few weekends ago trying to find some used goods to barter on, and I happened to stumble upon this diamond in the rough at the thrift shop. I have to be honest, this card may not be #2 in many people’s opinion, but this is the card that inspired this countdown. So for that, thanks for the good times Sammy…. Thanks for the Good Times indeed.

1. Greg Minton

At last, the most awkward baseball card to hit the market. What makes this photo so genuine is that Greg looks surprised that someone actually wanted to take his photo and put it on a card. Like he was playing checkers with the guy next to him on the bench and all of a sudden there were flash bulbs flying at him at a mile a minute. Perhaps the fact that Mr. Minton gave up Pete Rose’s last career hit of 4,256 had caused him to sort of become seclusive from the rest of society. Either that or the fact that his nickname “The Moon Man,” for countless shenanigans over his career had caused him to finally snap and murder everyone in attendance right after this photo was taken. Either way, Greg is our number one not just for this gem of a card, but also because he was a repeat offender in stupid facial expressions in the trading card world. Look at the Chiclets this guys working with in the next photo, its priceless.

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