Once every few years you will watch a Bruins game and think, this is one of the best games I’ve ever watched. I have said those words two times in the last week. After watching, “the best game in at least a year” the other night against Dallas, the Bruins somehow outdid themselves against the Canadiens at a game that I was supposed to be at. Did I mention I was supposed to be at the game? This thought nearly ruined the game for me, but nothing could have spoiled this amazing game. I still cannot beleive I just watched a game where there was 14 goals scored, a goalie fight (a terrible one), a 5 point night by Horton, a David Krejci fight (probably at Mass General right now) and an unofficial hat trick by Ryder. Just pure awesomeness from the moment the puck dropped. Probably more to come tomorrow but for now, wow.


One thought on “WOW

  1. WonderWoman says:

    Best game ever! As I watched the punches being thrown, the helmets flying and gloves coming off it was reminiscant of the 70s Bruins back at the original Boston Garden. Give the fans what they want to see and that they did last night.

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