Jordan kicks Bobcats’ ass in scrimmage

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Short on players for practice, the Charlotte Bobcats found an extra body in the front office: Michael Jordan.
The Hall of Famer and Bobcats owner suited up for Thursday’s workout, participating in a full-court scrimmage and showing a few of the old moves that helped make him a six-time NBA champion.
“He’s Mike. He’s been kicking our [butts]. He still has it,” forward Gerald Wallace said. “He doesn’t have this quickness, but he can score, he’s a shooter. The last thing to ever go is your jump shot and he has that.”

Jordan, who turns 48 next week, has been spending more time at practices and shootarounds, getting on  the floor and doing some teaching. Thursday’s practice was his most involved yet. ESPN

Come….back?????? How mad do you think Jordan gets when he blows by his 21 year old draft pick that he scouted and is now paying millions to play on the Bobcats.  I think if Jordan wanted to come back he could probably average at least 15 points per game.  If Shaq can average 12 per game, then Jordan could get 15 at minimum. 
How awful would Jordan look in a Bobcats uniform though.  He wouldn’t take the number 23 either.  He would wear some obscure number like 19 or something and be warming up in the same layup line as Stephen Jackson….ugh.  

Jordan has to know that this situation in Charlotte is never going to improve.  I mean has anyone ever met a die hard Bobcats fan?  Ok, how about an actual Bobcats fan? Even though they squeaked by the Celtics the other night in a meaningless game, Jordan must know he is spinning his wheels in Charlotte and is probably using the team as an excuse to show people he can still play in the NBA.


3 thoughts on “Jordan kicks Bobcats’ ass in scrimmage

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jordan is responsible for his fathers death by the way.

    youre a fuck tard. thats the most terrible thing to say when you have no evidence.

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