Today is Red Sox truck day!!

Red Sox “Truck Day” was here again. Workers started packing the truck Monday night, filling the front of the hold with gear for the team’s spring training complex in Fort Myers, Fla.. The work continued at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, with the truck departing Fenway Park at noon, led by a flatbed truck carrying Wally the Green Monster and an entourage of Sox employees, who had soft Red Sox baseballs to toss to fans along the road.

“This is a lot of fun,” driver Al Hartz said. “This is something special.” 

Is this the biggest “event” for pink hat Red Sox fans?  I am going to say no.  Well maybe.  Probably.  

It is the stupidest event to get excited for.  The fact that people gather outside Fenway and watch workers load a truck up with baseball equipment and luggage is beyond me.  If thats not bad enough, those same “fans” wave to the truck as it pulls out of Fenway.  The people are waving to baseball bats and leather bags….is that not incredibly idiotic?  

I am a Red Sox fan so don’t get me wrong, but they are becoming some of the worst fans in baseball.  No, sports.  I’m not talking about the Sox fans that know Lackeys numbers as an Angel, or know how much Kalish weighs, I’m talking about the obvious and irremovable “Pink Hat” fans that pull shit like this and wave to a truck that is full of aluminum and packaging materials.   

But I guess that is what the Red Sox have become.  They created this monster of a “pink hat” fan and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.         


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