Super Bowl Commercial Recap: Awful

So the CEO gave me an assignment to rank the ten best Superbowl commercials, you know, because I’m always ranking stuff on this website and I was gonna be watching the game anyway so why not. However, there weren’t two good commercials let alone enough to warrant a full top ten list. Doritos had a few semi-funny ads and the Chrysler “Imported from Detroit” thing was pretty cool until I realized I can’t afford to buy a car because Moose doesn’t pay us and I stopped feeling sorry for Detroit years ago. Just kidding, I never felt bad for Detroit.

A few more thoughts on the 2011 ads:

Monkeys aren’t funny anymore. Nope, not even when you dress them in human clothes.

An E-Trade competitor (I don’t know who that would be) should have made a commercial where this tailor stands up and just shakes the shit out of that baby.

Kim Kardashian is mildly attractive. And I 100% believe you can get a body like hers if you wear Sketchers.

If there was one SB commercial that stood out above all the others and will sure to be remembered as one of the best ever, it had to be this one:


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