Reverend Knicks Top 5: QB’s Who Shouldn’t Have a Super Bowl Ring

5. Drew Bledsoe

Drew McQueen Bledsoe. The heart-break kid from Washington. I honestly didn’t even want to put this poor man on the list, but to be truthful, he was the inspiration for this countdown. Has there ever been a more memorable championship ring that has to stir up suicidal thoughts like the one Drew owns? 20 years from now someone who doesn’t know who Drew could ask him how he got the ring, and hes going to have to tell the story about how Mo Lewis ended his season, Tom Brady stole his life like the Cage/ Travolta situation in the movie “Face-Off,” and he won his first and only Championship as a back-up to a team that was once his. Touching story.
Fun fact: did you know that the Pats didn’t issue out #11 when Drew left until 2009 when it was given to Julian Edelman?

4. Eli Manning

Following up the tear-jerking tale of Mr. Bledsoe is the pubescent punk outta the NYC. Well, actually New Jersey, but you know what I mean. Eli came into the league as a hated man. He demanded trades from the start, acted like he was already at the same level as his brother, and he sported a similar facial expression as the old keystone light “bitter beer face” guy. In fact, it seems like the only time people rooted for Eli was when they wanted his team to beat the Pats in 2007 in order to make sure that they did not go undefeated. Well job well done sir, but now you can pack up your goods and head back to the sand box in the kids area, because its still ridiculous that you have a ring and Jim Kelly or Dan Marino doesn’t.

3. Jason Garrett

Had to do a little researching for this one, but I was just as shocked as you were to see that this guys got a ring. Garrett saw time as the 2nd/3rd string QB in Dallas behind Troy Aikmen in 1993 and 1995 where he won not one, but two Super Bowls. Although he may not have always been a household name at QB, Garrett now has the chance to show off that QB leadership at the head coaching position with the Cowboys…. Which I’m sure he’ll somewhat screw up because that team has been cursed every since they banned narcotics from the Cowboys locker room.

2. Brad Johnson
Ah yes, Bradley Johnson. The Tampa Bay Thunder Thumper. Or, as Sean Salisbury of ESPN once dubbed him “Checkdown Charlie.” Brad was one of those quarterbacks that made you hate watching offense. Honestly, when watching those Tampa teams play when this guy was at QB, when the Bucs offense came on the field it usually was time to go to the bathroom or head for the fridge for another Shasta Cola. Even when he was in the Super Bowl, his defense put up 21 of the 48 overall team points. Way to really present a dominant performance at the premier position Brad. This guy may be the most hated man on the list, as it sickens me to think that other greats missed out on a championship but this schmuck has the hardware.
Side note: has there ever been a worse Super Bowl match-up between QB’s than when Brad Johnson faced off against Rich Gannon? Just two slow, old farts out there slinging it on the games biggest stage.
1. Trent Dilfer

It isn’t that we don’t like Trent here at TBJ, or that we can’t appreciate his questionable body of work, but has there really ever been a person who did less for their team but yet still owns a Super Bowl ring? When the Ravens went to Super Bowl in 2000, they had one of the best defenses lead by Ray Lewis, a championship caliber coach in Brian Billick, and a healthy running back in Jamal Lewis (prior to his attempt to become the first cocaine ring leader/leading rusher in the NFL during the same season). Trent was the ultimate “manage the game” QB, so much so that he even tried to trademark the term. What is astonishing, however, is even though we know he wasn’t that good, and even though he also admits that he wasn’t that good, we still sit there every week and listen to him break down and criticize the league’s best QB’s….. How do you keep doing it Trent? Just how?

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