Reverend Knicks Weekly Recap of the Celtics….. Status: Not Too Shabby

Welp, it pains me to type this, but it looks like the Celts are slowly getting back to form now that KG has returned to the lineup. The C’s are winners of their last 4 games, including a victory over the Orlando Magic, a team that has the potential to emerge from the east as the conference champs. As an outsider looking in, I honestly felt that it was only a matter of time for this to occur. Just look at the Celts roster when they are healthy. They are filled with so much veteran talent that it would make even the late great George Steinbrenner envious. A team this stacked should be rattling wins off left and right, which is something this squad seems poised to do. However, like the cynical bastard that I am, I still have to throw a wrench in this joy-fest in order to let you Celts fans view your team from an outsiders perspective. Prepare to have your minds incepted…. well, a little bit.
1) Same old some, different week

The level of play in the East right now is so top heavy that it could crumble like a game of jinga after a poorly executed piece pull. I mean aside from the obvious threats to the tittle (Miami, Boston, Orlando, and maybe Chicago), the east is filled with teams that wouldn’t be able to hold their own weight in the west. Even as a Knicks fan, i realize that my team has the potential to be a 5 or 6 seed come playoff time, and that isn’t saying much. Bottom line, the east is like a JV vs. Varsity match out there every night, with the top 4 teams I named being varsity, and the rest of the conference trying to just earn their pay checks.
2) Rest factor

Will this years Celts follow the same formula that they did last year? That is, sit all of their vets down the stretch in order to ensure that they are capable of “full throttle” mode during the playoffs? Only time will tell, but I’m not sure if Doc should be as willing to forfeit home field this year as easily as he did last year. The fans of Boston understand that father time isn’t on their side, and they want a championship now. Picture a potential Game 7 being played between Boston and the Western Conference Champs, or even in the Eastern Conference Championship. With the pats going down the way they did, do you really want to risk the possibility of playing a championship clinching game anywhere else other than in front of the blood thirsty fiends that are Boston sports fans? I don’t think so.

3) Next Two Weeks

The next two weeks for the Celts should let them now where they stand against potential championship caliber teams. They’ve got the Lakeshow twice, Orlando again, Utah tonight, The Dirty Dirk Show of Dallas, and Miami. They won’t be facing the Bayside Tigers out there anymore lead by Screech, AC Slat and Z Morris, but rather they will be pitted against some of the league’s best talent in which it has to offer. It will be interesting to see how they end up record wise after they run that gauntlet.

Other than that, I am now, once and for all, extending my condolences to all you Pats fans out there. Your team honestly looked like the best team in the NFL, ready to take home another piece of hardware, but I guess that’s why you play the game. As for the Rev, I will be rooting half heatedly for the Jets this weekend, only because I want the potential of Rex Ryan celebrating a Superbowl win putting down 12 Grand Slam Breakfast’s in Jersey the Monday after to become a reality. That would be a biggest victory for mankind since we outlasted those prick dinosaurs. Enjoy your weekend not watching football New England, and don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets.


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