I have been personally debating over this for a while now. I have involved others and I seem to get mixed responses from everyone. I was wondering what everyone thinks on the subject. I was debating which is a better celebration/entrance for athletes right now, The Dougie or The John Wall.

The Dougie – (Cali Swag District, “Teach Me How to Dougie”) This is a move that involves a variety of arm twists, shoulder brushing, knee jerking, but most importantly a swipe of the head looking like you are pushing your dread locks back.
The John Wall – (John Wall) This is a simple move that has got some serious noteriaty from 2010 number 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft, John Wall. This move consists of a version of a muscle flex but simply turning your hand in and out. Almost as simple as the fist pump, but has swept the nation from Kentucky to Washington and all the way to in front of my bathroom mirror.
These moves have both been displayed on the court and on the gridiron. Some notable athletes who have pulled off these moves; Braylon Edwards (Black), Drew Stanton (White), Taylor Mays (Jewish), and of course the now legendary John Wall. So I ask you, which dance is better to celebrate after a big score or walking onto the court for pre-game introductions. Debate is on….

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