How Much Does Shaq Really Weigh?

This is a question that has boggled NBA fans for some time.  What is Shaq’s true weight?  Shaq is listed as 7’1, 325 pounds in the official Boston Celtics roster.  Michael Oher, an NFL offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens is 6’4, 313 pounds.  Oher is considered to be a somewhat “medium” sized NFL lineman, and Shaq completely dominates him.  

Shaq ‘s official height and weight listings only make him 12 pounds heavier than Oher, despite being nearly nine inches taller.  So the question is this; how much does Shaq really weigh and why does the NBA try to conceal NBA players real weight?

If it’s my guess, Shaq has to be tipping the scales at 400 pounds.  It only makes sense.  Shaq is wider, arguably thicker, and taller than Oher who is a decent sized NFL lineman at 313 pounds.  Its  a shame the NBA will not let the people know how big Shaquille O’Neal actually is.  So, we the people are left to speculate.  But for now, I am just excited to have the Celtic’s first 400 plus pound Center.


3 thoughts on “How Much Does Shaq Really Weigh?

  1. Terry says:

    I bet he weighs 425. He not only is MASSIVELY wide and thick, but he 7′ 1′ or taller. Everybody knows height weighs. He has feet that probably weigh 15 to 20 lbs. a piece.

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