Michael Jordan turns 49, thinks about a comeback

Today MJ turns 49-years-old. Remember when Michael suited up last year for a Bobcats practice and everyone went nuts? Well for his birthday celebration I thought I would honor him with the footage we found from last year’s ‘Cats practice. Pretty sure this is not classic Jordan. Okay, awful footage from our sources… our sources are Moose and he just steals horrible clips from youtube.

Anyways, we all know Jordan can still ball, and I’m sure that a 49-year-old Michael Jordan would be the highest scorer on this year’s Charlotte team. #Bobcats are brutal.

Peverley Goes Down, Hal Gill is on murderer’s row in Boston

Dammit Hal Gill. Dammit, dammit, dammit. Why are you still playing?

This is not good news for Boston. Already down one winger in Nathan Horton, now they lose Rich Peverley.

Bruins general manager, Peter Chiarelli, announced that Peverley has a third degree sprained MCL in his right knee and will be out for 4-6 weeks. (NESN.com)

4-6 weeks is a long time. To fill the void, the Bruins are looking to Josh Hennessy. Wait, who? Exactly, a kid they just called up from Providence is gettin’ the nod. You never know this kid could be money, or he could suck something awful… who knows? I would be shocked if we made no move before the trade deadline. Rick Nash perhaps?

Tim Wakefield retires, MLB game time average predicted to be lowest in 20 years

ESPN Boston – After 19 seasons in the majors — 17 of them with the Boston Red Sox — knuckleballer Tim Wakefield will announce his retirement from baseball Friday afternoon… The 45-year-old Wakefield will walk away with 186 victories with the Red Sox, just six short of the team record shared by Cy Young and Roger Clemens. He picked up his 200th career victory late last season. He had been extended an invitation to Red Sox spring training but was not guaranteed a roster spot.

This is a very emotional day for me. Growing up Tim Wakefield was a staple on the Red Sox pitching staff, and today that staple is going to be removed. So many memories of getting Red Sox v. Yankee tickets and then showing up to Fenway only to be extremely disappointed that I got the Wakefield game. Not because he is a bad pitcher by any means, but because i knew this was going to the longest, most boring game ever. Out of say 50 games I went to throughout my life, it is safe to safe I ended up at 40 Tim Wakefield starts. Worst luck ever. But congrats to Tim on a great career.

Jose Canseco gives out personal email on Twitter. Obviously gets abused

Jose CansecoJose Canseco @JoseCanseco

Miss Leila’s Famous Naughty Girl Valentine & Birthday Cards is now open for business . email me at jc7264@yahoo.com if you want to order one

Canseco has 398,272 Twitter followers. And 398,000 of those followers follow him to track his on again off again relationship with his girlfriend Leila. And also to see his incredibly depressed/insane tweets. But last night he tweeted his personal email address to the Twitter world in order to promote his girl’s card business, which I’m assuming is absolute garbage.

And as forecasted, Canseco’s plan of trying to help his girl’s business by sending out personal information fell through. Hard. I can only imagine the types of emails Canseco received in order to have Leila come to his defense on his Twitter account. And I can’t imagine the types of hate emails he received after Leila came to his defense on his Twitter account. Me ALMOST being one of them. I didn’t though, he’s too easy of a target.

Jose CansecoJose Canseco @JoseCanseco

This is Jose’s girlfriend Leila. I love him very much so If you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all. Thanks!

The Chicago Bulls need to reevaluate their rafters situation

This post is out of pure spite after the Derrick Rose-less bulls coasted by the Celtics last night 89-80. I’m pretty sick of the Celtics denying the fact that they are old.  Also sick of watching Jermaine O’Neal take offensive charges twice a game. However I do love when Doc verbally undresses JaJuan Johnson after he muffs a play. That love dates back to watching kids get screamed at in elementary school until they vomited half digested Gushers all over the rug. As long as it isn’t (wasn’t) me, it’s entertaining as hell.

But this corridor rafter situation is pretty backwards. Scottie Pippen, one of the 50 greatest NBA players to ever play the game is adjacent to…Ronnie Brewer. A 7.5 points per game type of guy. It’s almost insulting to Scottie.

I wish there was a picture of someone getting yelled at to salvage this post….