Top 10 Reasons Why Seguin Missed Team Breakfast/Meetings

10). Call of Duty Tournament Monday night got out of hand.

9). Brad Marchand dared Tyler to stay up all night long…he couldn’t make it.

8). Winnipeg doesn’t do Taco Bell well.

7). Shawn Thornton told him that if he played Pink Floyd while watching The Wizard of Oz, the music syncs up.

6). A player from Winnipeg left a rubix cube at Tyler’s door.

5). There was a 24 hour marathon of “Boy Meets World”.

4). He watched the “tape,” from the movie, “The Ring”.

3). He got in a fight with Tim Thomas’ mustache. He lost.

2). Still having trouble with daylight savings time. It’s a bitch.

1). He obviously had some attractive, 22-year-old  blonde waitress, from Winnipeg in his room. Her name was Tammy, or Pamela. A name that suggested she would go all the way, right from the get-go. The meetings took a backseat. Chiarelli and Julien understood. But, rules is rules.

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