Lunch of the Day – Courtesy of Paul Pierce

@paulpierce34 Paul Pierce
About to have my breakfast then off to the gym

Today’s Lunch of the Day isn’t a lunch, but I’m almost positive it was consumed in the last hour so it should count for something.  It should also count for something because this is the breakfast of Celtics Forward Paul Pierce.  I don’t think Pierce is fat by any means, but I would expect him to be eating a lot more than this to uphold his beefy stature.  Because two eggs and toast doesn’t get you to 235 pounds in the media guide (Pierce has to weigh at least 265 in real life).

But could he put the plate and glass any closer to the edge?  That has disaster written all over it.  Who eats something while the other half of the plate is hanging over the edge of table?  It’s unheard of.  It’s unheard of and dumb.  Sorry Paul, but this lunch sucks.

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