The Jam’s misty eyed coverage of the Paul Pierce/KG return

(AP Photo/Steven Senne)
(AP Photo/Steven Senne)

At around 2:00 PM yesterday, the Jam was blessed with a ticket to the Nets v. Celtics match-up that featured Paul Pierce and KG returning to Boston. And by blessed I mean my good friend’s girlfriend was too hungover to get out of bed from the night before so I was the alternate guest.

The Jam’s coverage of the Celtics this year has been relatively light, mainly due to the team’s flaccid roster and “tank” mentality. But if there was any game to cover and talk about, it’s this one.

The buzz in the garden was unusual. Unlike any game this year. To put it simply, it felt important. Contrast to a normal game when you would be depressed going up the escalator, seeing life size cut outs of the “new” Celtics like Jeff Green.

When I found my seats 10 minutes before game time, the place was packed and everyone was standing. Literally every person in the arena was standing, screaming at Paul and KG warming up. It seemed like there was extra lighting on the Nets side of the court trying to showcase the two former Celtics. But from my point of view it just highlighted Pierce’s poor facial hair. Wow have I missed that patchy, scraggly, stuff.

Sidebar: Before I continue, just to let you know how important and meaningful Paul Pierce has been in my life, see my all time Boston Sports Athletes Power Rankings:

1. Paul Pierce
2. Tom Brady
3. Manny Ramirez

Everyone knew there were tributes coming. During the nets starting lineup announcements, KG and Paul Pierce received back to back roaring standing ovations. It’s been a while since that building has heard cheers of that volume. And probably won’t happen again until sometime next year (Kevin Love to Boston in 2015).

The game started and was underway. A classic novel worthy battle of two struggling NBA teams gutting it out. Within the first minute, Pierce spotted up for one of his classic push three jumpers from almost straight on with crowd rising screaming “Pieeeerce” in unison. Clang off the back iron. The guy does not move well now a days.

After the first break in play, KG’s tribute showed up on the jumbotron. It was awesome but not to take anything away from KG but the night belonged to Paul. The game resumed and the following break, this happened:

The main objective here was to avoid eye contact with my friend. Men, women, children were crying. Tears running down their faces. I tried to break up the emotions by pretending to take a sip out of my empty beer cup but that didn’t work. Pierce was straight up overwhelmed.


After everything settled the game finally got into a flow. Well, semi flow. I looked up in the third quarter to only realize that the Celtics had 42 points on the board. God bless this 2014 team.


Ironically the game was sealed by a Garnett steal and bucket in the fourth quarter. It didn’t matter though. It was win-win night. Pierce and KG were celebrated to the tenth degree and the Celtics lost keeping their lottery hopes alive.

I’m just wondering where KG and Pierce went out in Boston after the game to celebrate. My money is on Coogans.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Undercover

Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to go undercover at Gold’s Gym in Venice, California to promote youth fitness.  His “Under Cover Boss” strategy didn’t work at all.  I think it would be impossible for Arnold to go undercover because he is arguably the most recognized person in the world.  Arnold really has the life.  Tried politics, makes cameos in random action movies, and now just messes with out of shape people because he’s bored.  Well played Arnold, but I bet Lou Ferrigno still secretly hates you for making him look dumb during Pumping Iron.

Batista is Back!

Dave Batista returned to the WWE last night on RAW.  After a stint in MMA, the 45 year old proclaimed that he will once again reign as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  As HHH said last night the road to Wrestlemania starts on Sunday with the Royal Rumble and The Animal will be one of the thirty contestants.

RIP Mae Young

mae young

The wrestling world lost one of their original divas, Mae Young.  Although Mae was popular early in her career, her real popularity came during the Attitude Era of wrestling.  She was involved in numerous story plots including a love relationship with Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry and for some reason a feud with the Dudley Boys.   I could only image the meetings with Vince to discuss the storyline.

Vince: Ok Mae so tonight Bubba Ray Dudley is going to powerbomb you off the stage though a table.

Mae Young: Ok

Well this Hall of Famer will be missed, but the WWE did put together a tribute for her.

Pats Roll Ravens: Playoff Bound

The Pats won convincingly yesterday and wrapped up the AFC East.   Even with an injury plagued defense, the Patriots held a solid offense to only 7 points.  Joe Flacco was miserable and was replaced by Tyrod Taylor at the end of the game to take the beating.   I’m sure Terrell Suggs will complain at some point that  Roger Goodell had some hand in the blowout loss, seriously check his E:60 interview.  Tom Brady can’t get any love on the sidelines and was left hanging yet again.  This begs the question, is Brady the creepy old guy in the locker room? I know he’s half psychotic, but it seems that everyone avoids him on the sidelies during games.  Maybe this is an ongoing joke, but maybe Brady should just go with the Tiger Woods fist pump, instead of looking for somebody to high five.

Around the Dasher – Looking Ahead at the B’s Road

Buzz’s Girlfriend and These Teams, Whoof.

It’s never a bad time to look at Boston’s competition down the stretch. People around the league will often say (U.S.) Thanksgiving is a great marking point for NHL teams and the standings rarely shake up from there, so this gives us an even better water mark on the competition they will face down the stretch and most importantly in the playoffs. Hell, we’ll even add a Christmas theme to it.

Shit in your stocking:

  • Buffalo
  • Florida

Buffalo may be a division rival who could give Boston fits, but as we get closer to the trading deadline this is a selling team who has a long road of rebuilding ahead  (Note: They don’t have a GM right now). Florida’s played better of late, but they’re the Panthers.

Sexy Santa’s You Love Seeing

  • Ottawa
  • New Jersey
  • Columbus
  • Islanders

Chances are Boston isn’t going to see the latter 3 in the playoffs, due to the new playoff format we (kind of) covered here. Ottawa has been bad this year. Barely a .500 team, Craig Anderson having a bad start, this trade, and not bringing back the face of the franchise hasn’t fared them well. Karma’s a bitch.

Just a Couple of Egg Nogs and We’ll be On Our Way…

  • Rangers
  • Philadelphia
  • Toronto

Are these teams talented? Yep. Do these teams have some playoff experience? You bet. Have they been Jekyll and Hyde all season? Sure. What is common about these three is they are all teams the B’s have disposed of in the playoffs throughout the past few seasons. Toronto, the most common opponent is like the kid at recess Boston always picks on. The playoffs. This Season doesn’t matter. The B’s are clearly in the Leafs’ heads (anyone know the girl at the: 33 mark?), and a mental block can be tougher to deal with than a skilled or physical one.

Around the Dasher Pt. 2

Are the B’s going to get to see the Hawks again?

The Random Guy Who Came For Christmas and Didn’t Stay Long

  • Carolina
  • Washington
  • Tampa Bay

Realistically, the only team the Bruins probably see from this group is Tampa. Christ, you think the Southeast division would give it a rest, but that disaster of a division is going to haunt us forever. Washington would have to get by Pittsburgh to see the Bruins in round 3, and while that’s not crazy to think, as a Bruins fan you shouldn’t be afraid of them. At 97 goals against through 33 games, they’ll have to clean it up. Tampa has a lot of proving to do, goaltending, Stamkos’ status, St. Louis’ stamina, and the blue line. It will be interesting to see what Steve Yzerman does at the deadline with the Bolts. Not to mention, he has his work cut out for him in the next few months with Team Canada. Oh, don’t lose any sleep over Carolina guys. Really, just don’t.

Old Friends, New Friends

  • Montreal
  • Detroit

In 2011 I thought the absolute worst thing in the world for the Bruins was playing Montreal in the first round. Better yet, I thought it was even worse they went to Game 7. To put things even more blunt, when Boston and Montreal went to OT of Game 7 I would have put everything I owned on the Bruins not making the cup, let alone winning it. That’s why I’m writing this from under an overpass. You get the point. Playing a team like Montreal will take a toll on the Bruins, but chances are they will have to get by one, or both of these teams. Detroit’s a mix of savvy old vets, and young guys full of piss and vinegar. I don’t think Detroit can match Boston’s toughness or physicality, a casualty of moving from West to East and into a black & blue division.

When you went to go Unwrap it and already knew what it Was

  • Pittsburgh

It’s always been Pittsburgh. It’s going to be a bitch. If you think this is what it’s going to be like, then think again. It is only fair that for these two franchises to get to see each other again to represent the East in the cup. Pittsburgh should get there, and Boston is the favorite to. It will be a longer series than last year, Sid and Malkin won’t be putting up donuts. The ball is in these two teams’ courts to give the hockey world this series again, but will any of the teams above have anything to say about it?

The Monday Blues….

Its cold, snowy, I’m probably going to slip on ice at some point today. And to add to this Monday of misery the Pats loss yesterday is the cherry on top of a shit sundae. I would honestly trade places with Shane McMahon at this point and getting choked slammed through the announcer’s table would be a step up for me.

Greg Hardy Played for Hogwarts…..

No idea who this guy is, but last night during the Sunday night game, he raised the bar for player introductions.

I thought that Hogwarts only had that broom flying sport at their school? I guess the football team didn’t make the movie. 9 times out of 10, you get the standard player name followed by their school or hometown. But Greg Hardy says I’m not going to follow suit, I’m going to rep Harry Potter. Well done sir, well done.

Bruins Vs. Canadiens, Round 1

What is red, white,  French Canadian and is just the worst? It’s the Montreal Canadiens. I despise them, with their stupid “Ole, ole, ole, ole,” chants, and their scarfs, and just everything about them really.

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in December, and the Bruins and Canadiens haven’t squared off yet. That changes tonight. The teams are separated by one point for the lead in the Atlantic division, with the Bruins currently in first.

The Canadiens have really turned things around as of late, going 8-1-1 in their last 10 games.  The Bruins will look to take advantage of a Canadiens team that played last night. In what promises to be a physical game, I’m looking for the B’s to play the body, get the puck in deep, and hammer the Canadien D-men, especially P.K. Subban.

I can’t wait for Chara to get booed every time he touches the puck. Look for Lucic and Brandon Prust, who’ve fought a few times before, to potentially drop the mitts. With all that said, I am more than jacked up for this rivalry to renew once agin, and I’m hoping we see a little bit of this tonight…

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